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   Register your child now for a week of agricultural and horticultural activities.  I had the greatest joy of growing up on a dairy farm with the wind in my hair, mud in my toes and care free summer days enjoying the big open sky wandering the fields, river and pond.  We want to give that same experience to children and take the time  to educate your child in the fundamentals of the agricultural and horticultural impact on our community. There will be a slew of hands on activities including but not limited to animal husbandry, specifically with our goats and chickens, they will be introduced to the dairy industry.  They will participate in the sowing and planting in the children's garden, which will include, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.  There will be walks to the river, exploring the fields, fishing in the ponds and more.  Lunch will not be included, but there may be some nibbling going on in the garden.  The cost for the week is $350 for first child, a sibling will be $300. Upon registering further information will me mailed/emailed to you.

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For children 9-13 years old.